Thursday, August 25, 2011

Asif Rana- Self Made Businessman

Asif Rana is best known for not only for making his investors truckloads of money through his ventures in Real Estate, Energy,and Hotels - but also for being a patriotic businessman. Hard to imagine any businessman being so patriotic and socially conscious in this day age of globalization.

With Free-trade agreements being ponied up in order to help stimulate economies due to the sub-prime mortgage crisis, Asif Rana has made a stand against such practises and chose to have an acquisition of 13 gas stations (Branded Citgo, a venezuelan company) to be re-branded to 'BP' or 'Mobile' stations. BP and Mobile are highly-regarded energy distributers throughout the US. This would come as no surprise if this was something with minimal cost to do! But Asif Rana has managed to give the whole nation of Venezuela and its' president, Hugo Chavez the proverbial middle finger by sacrificing $690,000 of his hard-earned money just to have a different Sign on each of his 13 gas stations.

“For any country’s president or leader to go on a platform at the United Nations and use that rubbish language about our president,” Rana said. “We buy his gas and support him (Chavez). His country’s whole progress, economy is based on (doing business in) Midwest states. I want to teach him a lesson.”

This is the kind of loyal business man we need in the U.S of A.

So how did a man of such integrity,intelligence and empathy come to be?

Rana, 37, was born in Pakistan. His mother is Pakastani, and his father is Indian. He moved to Canada when he was in high school and he moved to the United States after he was married.

Rana is a self-made millionaire through various ventures and has strong ties within the South Asian Community throughout the US, Canada, Pakistan and India. He has successfully took Rana Enterprises from being a 'mom and pop' shop to being a medium-sized business within a matter of a few years.

With a tight infrastructure, consultants, investors and a little luck Asif has earned the American dream.

His next foray? Nobody really knows, but he does have ties within the south asian entertainment industry and there are rumours that he will eventually make his mark in that industry.

Watch out for the man who loves everything American - Asif Rana.


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