Monday, May 30, 2011

How i got out of £18k debt and lost 4 stone


Julie Ronnins was working in two dead end jobs, she was overweight since having her 6 month old baby and was in £18k of debts. The final straw to push her to a change in life was when her partner and father of their baby walked out. Julie was left struggling not even able to afford nappies.

“I was so low, I had no money, huge debts and no prospects. I was looking through the newspaper one day at the job section when I just broke down in tears, I have no experience or skills and there seemed no job for me. I threw the newspaper onto the table in anger and out fell a load of flyers and leaflets. I just had an eureka moment and thought that’s something i could do”.

Julie reached for the Yellow Page’s and found a local printer who sent her some samples which she then took along to high street shops and local restaurants in her town offering her service. Being such a simple service, it sold itself, and within one hour Julie had secured her first sale. She even makes money on the designing and printing which she backs off to her printer.

“Within 7 months my business grew and I was earning that much money that i quit both my other jobs and focused on my flyer business. I had lost 4 stone from all the walking I did delivering the flyers and also had paid off £14k off my debt and then my creditors wrote off the remainder of my debts, i just couldn’t believe it”.

Julie is now debt free and is forecasting a £80,000.00 turnover for 2009 and also has 5 people working for her. Julie has also put a business pack together for other people that want to earn extra cash to either pay debts off or just survive like she did and encourages people to ‘just go out and do it’.

Including in her help pack is a step-by-step guide to running a flyer business including how to get customers with her direct marketing letter, all the terms and conditions required, quotation forms and even a contact to her printer! Pretty much a sure way of making some cash!



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