Friday, May 27, 2011

A Love Story that brought Success to an Entrepreneur Couple

The characters in our story, Noel Donegan is from Tipperary, a small town in Ireland. He has already attempted suicide in 2001 because of a failed marriage and mounting debts. Fortunately, he was saved but depression never left him for two years.

Luz Java is from the Philippines. Raped at 16, she was forced to marry her attacker. Her marriage wasn’t exactly a bed of roses because she was always brutally beaten. She escaped, leaving her two children behind, she was pregnant with the third but was later abducted. Luz later married another man, which again, was a failure. She started to work on cruise ships and later moved to Ireland.

They met in Easons, a bookstore in Ireland where Noel dropped the book he bought. As he was about to pick it up, he bumped heads with Luz. Embarrassed for his clumsiness, he invited Java for a coffee to which she agreed.

Because of some similarity in their stories, they immediately connected with each other, and before long they were living together. Money was tight. But the couple was in love. They were happy just to be together.

But the story does not end there.

It was the birthday of Noel’s sister, and they don’t even have money to buy her birthday card. Luz made one instead, weaving paper into an exquisite design. When Noel saw it, he was wowed. A business idea entered his mind.

The couple experimented with old magazines and catalogues. They made bags, vases, curtains, waste bins and even slippers. But as they have found out, there was a problem with the consistency of the products. Noel tried to think things out.

Then they both agreed that the joy was in making the items and decided to sell the tools to make them. It was just the idea that they need. Luz provided the craft skill while Noel was on the business side as he know how patent a product, how to get a prototype and how to license it.

And the rest as they say is history.

Just how successful was their idea? Just try to search for Paper FX Dream Weaver on Yahoo and Google, and you’ll see lots of stores selling them, lots of toy’s site doing a review on them. And not only that, it was even tagged as a ‘must give’ Christmas gift.

The Paper FX Dream Weaver is a device, so simple to use that even a child can use it, to create works of arts from all kinds of papers – newspaper, magazines, and even shiny wrapping paper. In this modern age of internets, iPhone, MP3, PlayStations and other technical gadgets, Paper FX still was able to capture the imagination of children.



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