Friday, May 27, 2011


Mikalile the 'Main Man'

Mikalile aka IRON-MAN

Kachepa360 in 2011 will take time to acknowledge some hard working Individuals. Today we are going to acknowledge Mikalile Mulenga. A real Zambian rags to riches story. Mikalile has always been a Tamanga a true hustler. Mikalile started off from a humble back ground of selling sweets at your local ka Ntemba to selling phones and now he has his own trading name, Mikalile Investments. Most of you may know his name because he owns Mika lodge in Chudleigh, Mika Hotel in Kabulonga, Mikalile furnitures located along Cairo road, Kamwala and in Northmead. Now Mikalile trading investments has spread to Livingstone, the Copperbelt, and Chipata. Clearly being focused and working hard does pay off!!.

When people have so much money and they do not know what to do with it, guess buying cars is a great idea. This could be why we heard through the Grapevine that Mikalile also deserves some spot light on Kachepa360 because he owns more cars than Ian Chamu Haruperi, that we recently featured. Mikalile owns a Bmw 650i, Lamborghini Gallardo , a Cadillac Escalade, a gray Bentley, and the Merc that that his beloved madam drives. Oh and most of his cars have “MIK” printed along with the number plate. We hear he deserves to have the bragging rights, because all his “Big cars” are all parked at his mass media mansion, viewing is by appointment only. We have been told to look out for the latest Maybach or maybe a Bugatti.

Lambo racing through Sable Road

Un registered Gray Bently

BMW "Mika 77"

Escalade & Bmw parked at Home


  1. Am sure there is somthing illegal untold about how his made it to the top. After all the legal way is not the easy way out. lol

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  2. dont hate. its called hard work and focus. in which ever way..

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  4. We need to know the background so that we also learn from that hard work strategy. Appreciated but steps are always there. MBA student Lilanda

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