Friday, May 27, 2011

True Rags to Riches Story- Bangladesh

Here I am going to tell you the true rags to riches story of a 30 year old women who was left penniless with six kids in tow. She was a very poor woman living in Bangladesh… she was so poor that she had only one sari to cover her body… and even this was in tatters. When she needed to wash it , she would wrap herself in half of it and wash the other half, then wrap the wet half around herself and wash the dirty half. She had six kids whom she could barely feed. They survived on a very frugal one meal a day and sometimes even had to go without that. School was totally out of the question. And to add to this she was uneducated… did not know how to bring about change.
When the concept of ‘Micro loans ‘ was introduced in her village… her friends and acquaintances told her that she would be killed by the bank if she was not able to pay off the loan. Yet because she had a burning desire to change her lot… she went ahead breaking out of her culture of poverty and borrowed a few hundred Takas. These she used to buy a few chickens which started her little poultry business. She paid off her initial loan in a few months and then started expanding slowly…
Ultimately she was not only able to afford better food and clothing for herself and her family, but she also enrolled her kids in school, and was well along the path of progress…
She had moved out of her poverty consciousness into wealth consciousness. It had taken just one big decision to change, and move forward in spite of all obstacles in her path.
Yes although this women lived in abject poverty. She had no education, no resources, no support. She lived in a culture of poverty, yet she still managed to overcome all causes of her poverty and crossed the poverty line. The first step had automatically brought her to the next and the next… and the path was all set for her.
So just one change in your thought pattern is sufficient to start the ball rolling in a different direction…. Make a decision to change… figure out how to do it… and go and take the first step., So in effect:
First You need to accept responsibility for where you stand in your life right now.
  • You are only a victim of your own mind and not of others.
  • Others are simply reacting to you the way you are unconsciously asking for it.
  • So if it is only your mind, You need to change...
    • Make a decision to change Now.
    • Figure out what to change right NOW.
    • Take the first step NOW...

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