Friday, June 3, 2011

Elon Bomani: Rising from Poverty to Prosperity

Elon Bomani has a simple mantra, "I speak positively about money and business."

Through these simple words she has indoctrinated millions on how to think and grow rich.

"I believe in multiple incomes." she says proudly. Bomani also believes, "you are not wealthy until you are making money in your sleep."

Sounds like a simple philosophy, one that anyone would embrace. However, Bomani's own rise to financial and spiritual success was anything but a breeze. She had to hit rock bottom in her life before she took time to re-assess and strategize her goals.

In 2001, Bomani was a stay at home mom from Philadelphia relying solely on her husband's income. She had a brand-new baby boy and her marriage was in a rut. It wasn't long before she and her husband divorced, leaving her nothing. You see, her husband emptied their joint checking account, rendering her penniless. If that wasn't enough, when she sought help she was even denied a bed at a women's shelter.

A bed eventually became available at that shelter and Bomani jumped at the chance for a place to rest her head but, she wasn't complacent. After a two week stay at there, Bomani shifted into what she calls a "prosperity consciousness."

"I was not going to play the victim shame game. My greatest fear was that I was going to be in the vicious cycle that my mother fell into; a single mom on welfare." So, she says she worked on adjusting her thinking and devising a way to turn her thoughts into cold hard cash. "I changed my consciousness about money. It's a relationship. If you honor and respect money it will respect you."

This respect of money and a drive for better life propelled the "homeless" Bomani to buy a house in Sacramento, Calif.. Yes, she bought a home.

How? She may not have had much else, but Bomani had perfect credit. "I got 100 percent financing. I got $100,000 from credit cards." She invested that money in herself, taking a chance that she could make the payment and turn her situation around. "Millionaires know you have to take risks and I took one."

Years later, she used the equity she'd built up from her first home and bought a duplex. By time she had enough money to make this transaction, the real estate market was booming. So, Bomani took her California earnings and moved to Houston where she is flourishing.

"I did all of this by becoming financially literate. I want to hit home to people. I tell my story to impress upon them if I can come from the projects of Philly with a dad drug dealer and a mom on welfare; you're still able to live the American dream."

Bomani believes the key is doing exactly what she did.

"You gotta believe in yourself more than what's showing up in your life. It is your birthright to be massively successful. The same source that Tyler Perry, Will Smith and others have access to, you do as well. You're just one thought away from your million dollar idea."



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