Some stories appeal to your heart , some stories appeal to your soul. Dr Faisal's shah story does both. It is true story of triumph of a ordinary man against extra ordinary challenges of life.

Faisal was born in Kashmir , the place which is blessed by nature to the extent that many call it heaven. Unfortunately the same place has become one of most dangerous place in the world since last 20 years.

India and Pakistan's one of main dispute in this place. Since last 20 years thousands have lost their life because of terrorism which bleeds India . The land which both India and Pakistan claim and land which has become reasons for war between India and Pakistan .

Dr Faisal was born in same Kashmir. Dr Faisal Shah's life shattered when his father was gunned down by unidentified man . Faisal shah was just 9 years old at that time. Faisal's father was school teacher.Mebenna begum (Faisal's mother) had three children to take care of after death of faisal's father.

Education was only thing which could have seen faisal's passport to success . He studied hard and bright student faisal topped 10th exam. He pursued MBBS from srinagar medical college and became doctor.

He became concerned citizen too and participated actively in RTI Movement in Kashmir. His urge to make a difference made him give Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and he has become first kashmiri to top UPSC exams , one of toughest exams in India.

Dr Faisal shah's story is truly an inspirational and motivational story. It is not easy to see one's father die from a bullet . It is not easy to be a kashmiri and appear for UPSC exams either. Terrorist do not encourage people to become part of Indian system and they have got guns to silence those who don't share their point of view.

Kashmiri do deserve a normal life which has been time and again hindered due to dispute between India and Pakistan. India claims entire kashmir as its own. It has backing of agreed partition formula which gave right to kings to merge with India or Pakistan or remain independent as per their wish.

King of kashmir decided to go with India and so India claims that merger of kashmir in India is perfectly legal.

Pakistan on other hand calls India's claim on kashmir as illegal. Kashmir had Muslim dominance (it still has) and partition was done on basis of religion . It wants united nations to conduct voting of people.

Kashmir remained peaceful till lates 80s after which militancy started in the valley. Most experts believe it to be side effect of success which Jihadis backed by ISI got against USSR in afghanistan.

India had been fighting this terrorism which in valley since 20 years. Pakistan on other hand deny playing any role in terrorism but accepts providing moral and political support to what is calls 'freedom struggle of kashmiris'

It is too sensitive matter for India as well as pakistan. Any political party in India becoming lenient regarding kashmir would be thrown out of Indian politics. While pakistan regime showing any concession regarding kashmir would have same fate in Pakistan.

So it is catch 22 situation and prise in being paid by kashmiris. Dr Faisal Shah stands tall because of these issues. He has proven that inspite of tough circumstances both personal and political ones , any human being who is determined to succeed would succeed.