Sunday, May 29, 2011

Inspirational Story -Failed Boards Now Earns In Six Figures

India is facing a new challenge. Student Suicides. The figures are rising and students are comitting suicide even when a semester exams go bad. Last week a young girl studying in second year of b com ended her life because she did bad in her economics paper . She didn’t even wait for her results and hanged her , ending her life.

Maharashtra and uttar pradesh have seen sudden rise in number of students committing suicides. While celebrities have come ahead to speak on this issue , it is not helping those much who are in depression , cannot take stress and are ready to kill themselves , ending most beautiful thing called life which has millions of possibilities.

Here , today we are sharing with you a true story of a man who failed in 12th science board exam. Failing in 12th has major fall out. We are talking about 20 years ago where failing in 12th was end of career in itself. Society would see a 12th failure as someone to pity for , parents would spend sleepless night worrying about their offspring’s future.

Ritesh also failed his 12th science exam. Ritesh’s father was leading architect in gujarat . Ritesh’s father believe that those in science stream are only people who are worth something while rest waste their life. While ritesh was least interested in science and maths. He was more interested in drawing , arts which his father rated as useless. His father pressurized him to take science which ritesh did without any interest. Tuition’s , class , good school , nothing helped ritesh who wanted to do something in arts stream. Inevitable happened when results came. He failed and his father passed the verdict that ritesh would be failure in larger test called life.

Ritesh went into depression and failed again . Now his father had lost all hopes about ritesh and he concentrated all his aspirations on ritesh’s younger brother. Hopeless , lifeless and depressed ritesh , manytimes thought of ending his life. He was feeling worthless and society was coming up with career options for him like working in small jobs.

Ritesh decided to change his stream and took arts stream. He finally cleared his 12th and then cleared entrance exam and got into leading college for fine arts.

Ritesh did found field of his interest and started excel. He got job of trainee in good advertisement firm and slowly started rising the ladder. Now ritesh is creative head of one of best ad firms in India and draws salary in six figures.

Ritesh was not dumb as his father rated him to be, neither he was a man with lower intelligence. Only problem with ritesh was that he was into something which didn’t appeal him. When he got into something that appeal his soul he excelled.

Failing in one exam is not end of life , neither it is certificate of how good or how bad one would perform in life. Life is precious and one can do wonders with it. All students reading this post do remember ritesh and his story. You never know what you can become. Honor your life and have faith in nature’s law. You are special and there is atleast one thing which you are good at , fiind it and pursue it , rest shall follow.



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