Monday, May 30, 2011

From ruined alcoholic to successful Software Engineer

Today’s story is perfect inspiration for people who think its too late to change their ways. Who have lost hope in their ability of changing life for better.

Paresh Parikh was born in middle class family . He was bright student and good in maths. He did engineering from good college. During his engineering days he fall in love with a girl (sneha) studying in arts college. The girl belonged to reputed family and her uncle was powerful politician.

Paresh also did fall in habit of alcohol. The occasional drink with friends ,later turned into habit.

His marriage to sneha was full bollywood style where family of girl opposed marriage and paresh ran away with sneha. Sneha’s uncle took this as insult and used all his might to catch the couple. They were caught too but it was too late since they were married by then. Gradually sneha’s family accepted paresh and their marriage.

With marriage comes responsibility but impulsive paresh had formed habit of alcohol. He had become alcoholic and nightmare for sneha began. He was not typical Indian Alcoholic Man . He never abused or beat sneha but he was drunk for most of time. He was time and again sacked from his job. Marriage led to birth of daughter and their financial condition was ever deteriorating.

Sneha took a job and her money was providing with necessities of life. Paresh was hopeless man in last twenties. So much so that sneha had to often lock him to make sure he didn’t drink. But paresh still use to find way to have alcohol. He use to call his supplier and hang his bag from second floor while his supplier use to give his bottle.

Sneha was depressed since her hard earned money was used by paresh for his alcohol. Then something happened which changed paresh forever. Depressed sneha could not take immense pressure of life and fainted in her office. Doctors detected heavy stress and gave ultimatum to paresh to change his habit.

Paresh changed that day. Paresh left alcohol from that day. Without any therapy , without any other help , he simply left alcohol. Perhaps he had realized that his love for alcohol is ruining his wife’s health and future of his daughter.

During those era JAVA was buzz word in market. He borrowed money from his friends and enrolled in java course. He did give sun certification exam and became sun certified programmer. He also joined the same classes as instructor and after six months he joined an upcoming firm as programmer.

He remained in that job for two years . He applied for firm in USA and managed to clear the interview. He went to USA and is in USA since last 8 years.

Paresh was nicknamed as paresh batali (batali means bottle) by his neighbours but now paresh is held in high esteem. He hasn’t come to India since he has gone but he remains in touch with most of his friend except his alcohol supplier!!!!!!!

Paresh’s story is total turn around of a man from being labelled as gone case, hopeless to person who is responsible to take care of his family. Paresh’s story is story of what man can become , no matter how he has been in past.

From Ruined Alcoholic To Successful Software Engineer-Motivational Story Of The Day


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