Monday, May 30, 2011

Short Inspirational Stories

Story 1

I had a profound experience when working on a Bachelor's degree from my University. I was a average student, but I was good in extra-curriculum activities. I was so good at dancing that I became the lead dancer in my college.

One day, a dance competition was held. I was the leading dancer from my faculty. Although there were many good dancers, I was not afraid. However, I spotted a dancer representing another commerce faculty. This person was extremely good. I mean - he was amazing. After observing him, I lost my confidence, because this guy seemed better than me.

After his performance, my name was announced. Suddenly, I did not feel prepared. I moved to stage to perform my dance. However, my mentor saw my nervousness. He took hold of both my hands and said, "You can do this. Just believe in yourself, because the only person standing in your way is YOU."

I moved forward with newfound determination -giving a great performance. Best of all, I won that competition.

I learned a very valuable lesson that day. I learned that no one can beat us unless we let them. We have believe in ourselves and get our best anyways. When we do that - most things turn out alright in the end.

Story 2

Be Alert. You Never Know Where the Best Inspiration Will Appear When You Need it Most

Once I was feeling so down in my life that I felt like there was no hope. Until...... one day during my office break I was sitting alone in the garden area near my office building. I was knee deep in my misery - thinking about all the wrong things going wrong in my life. I sat there for quite some time until, I saw a dog with one of his one leg missing. I noticed that dog get tired after covering few step; but, he kept at it. That dog was doing his best to reach his destination in spite of his challenge.

Even more amazing was the look on that dog's face and his animated stride. He didn't feel sorry for himself! He was living his life.

Suddenly, a smile came on my face, as a thought occurred to me. "Life is not about whining or pitying over what is missing in your life. It's about carrying on with what is available to you. If you get tired along the journey, simply take rest, but don`t give up. I'm grateful for just an amazing source of inspiration.

Story 3

Adversity in Loss

My dad died from a massive heart attack two years ago. It was completely unexpected. He was healthy. He loved to take walks with my sister. He wasn’t taking any statins and his only chronic medical condition was mildly high blood pressure that was getting controlled with eating better and exercise.

We all still are unsure what his other risk factors caused his heart attack. At that time, I was studying for my final exams and I remember getting a call that my parents were both in the hospital. I thought my sister was sick. My neighbors then called again and asked me to come to the hospital too.

I was at school at the time and I failed an exam that was in progress. However, my teachers let me retake it.

This is not a story about my exam at that time. I removed myself from class for a couple of months and took time to be with my mom and sister. It was during those times that I realized family was so important. I had been studying hard to get into graduate school and really forgot to say "I love you" to my family.

I learned that I needed to balance studying hard while spending time with friends and family. You see, these are the people who are always there for me.

Taking a break from school for a couple of months helped me gain perspective. I learned was it important. I really wish my dad had not died for me to realize this.

However, I now note the interesting way things worked themselves out. My Dad always said that family was important. He'd often asked that I visit home on the weekends. Also, he was the one who helped me through college problems when I needed help. Because of his death, I've learned how valuable his advice. As it stands, I like to think that my Dad is still around - smiling down on us as he witnesses the close family we've become.

Story 4

When Adversity Brought Out the Best

I know a person who is employed in a center for physio-therapy. She was married at a very early age and had 4 children - 3 daughters and a son.

Quite early in her life, her husband met with a severe accident. He lost his eyes and was quite incapable of any work. This resulted in the entire family's responsibility falling on this lady, who was at that time a homemaker.

The challenge was that four children had to be brought up, the lady was not educated and the only source of income in the family had been decapitated.

The saving grace was that the lady came from a village which is known for its therapeutic massages. She was recruited by one physiotherapy center and worked there regularly for a small salary. Additionally, she would have to come home and take care of all household chores, as her children were still very young.

Gradually, word spread about her magic touch and she began to be employed on a session basis by pregnant women, new mothers, old people, persons recovering from paralysis, etc...

After 20 long years of toiling, day in and day out, she is today proud to have gotten 2 daughters married and well settled. Her son is educated and has a decent job. She still works and is looking forward to settling her youngest daughter comfortably.

It is amazing what adversity can bring out from people. This lady has taught me that the resilience human beings possess can overcome all challenges that life might throw their way. Nobody can claim that their life has been without any challenge. But to be a young woman with four children, a husband, a household and herself to take care of, equipped with no advantage like a sound educations or special skills, is a scary proposition. She overcame it all. Today she can proudly say that whatever she is, it is all due to hard work, saving each penny and clinging on to hope.

Story 5

Challenges In My Life

When studying in a higher level secondary school, I was an average student. At the time, I opted for a science major, because I was attracted to biology. After final exams I learned I failed science. I was shocked by it.

All my family members blamed me for not studying properly. I felt alone. My friends who always used to be with me left me alone during this phase. My parents had got depressed and used to curse me. Everyone was blaming me. I felt all alone in this world. Dreadful dreams always came to haunt me. I was frustrated. I used to blame God - asking, “Why me. What I did wrong?” He never provides the answers though.

I became so depressed I thought about suicide. I prepared to die. However, when I started to go through with it, I thought, "am I a coward? From whom I am running? What would I solve by killing myself?"

Then and there, I decided to fight and make my life better. That's when God started to provide answers. After that decision, I continued with school while working part time jobs.

Today, I have completed my Diploma in Software Programming; I have gained experience working in different fields; and I am successful in my profession.

I thank to God for giving me this phase in my life. If I had not experienced such challenges at the time, I do not believe I'd be successful in my professional life. I learned to take challenges and fight them head on instead of feeling sorry for myself and thinking, ” Why me?”"


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